We wish all of you who are celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the festive days. But how did the windsurfing stars celebrate and what are their wishes for the upcoming year? We asked Victor Fernandez, Taty Frans, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Yentel Caers, Arrianne Aukes, Steffi Wahl, Iballa Moreno, Dieter van der Eyken, Balz Müller, Ethan Westera and Nicolas Akgazciyan.

Victor Fernandez X-Mas 2017

Victor Fernandez X-Mas style 2017


I’m at home in Almerimar for Christmas. My last windsurf session was today at my windsurf center, a good slalom day with all the kids and friends of my center.
I will celebrate Christmas & New Years with my family and friends in Almerimar. Right after New Year’s Day I will stay at home as I am organizing the first PWA Junior World Cup & Spanish Championship Wave/Slalom of the year from the 2nd to the 5th of January so I am quite busy at the moment.



Looking back 4.5 months ago I could barely walk and was in bed for days. Now on this day I feel great and blessed to walk, run, train in the gym and even do more than I expected. Still couple more things to work on but I believe I am on the right path going into the new year. I just started to freestyle windsurf the 22nd of December and DARN it feels GOOD. Foiling is what I did a lot lately and I enjoy windsurf and I am trying to windsurf every day so basically my last session was yesterday. I try my best to have no time off windsurfing! I need to catch up! I have a strict fitness and therapy recovery schedule and I feel that being at home in Bonaire is the best place to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family because after this I’ll be back on the road to compete fully on the PWA world tour, OH YEAH!
I really want the whole world to know that I am super grateful and I am from the heart thankful for being positive when I was injured. This was the best remedy I could have asked for. You guys are all amazing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This year I’m spending Christmas and new year back home in Aruba. For some people it’s weird to spend these days in 30 degrees, but it’s all I have known in my life hahaha. We just spray some of that white stuff to make it look like snow on the tree haha. We’re having a big family get together, so it’s extra fun having all the aunts and cousins here. For new year we’re probably going to watch the 12 o’ clock fireworks from the hotels at the beach and celebrate till the sun comes up ?! (always take your sunglasses to a new year’s party haha). I think I’ve only windsurfed once this month. It’s been windy but I’ve just been keepin’ busy with other things. But I feel the motivation is already coming back though. I hope to just enjoy 2018 to the fullest. All the best to you all!

Sarah-Quita Offringa & family


I’m doing well and I am feeling fit and ready for the festive days. I was at home with my family celebrating christmas and now I’m in Italy celebrating with my girlfriend Stefania and her family. Afterwards we will leave to the south for some windsurfing and spend New Year in Tarifa together with my sister. Then the winter training can continue first in Tarifa and after in the Caribbean. Can’t wait to be in the warm again and windsurf every day again. I was still windsurfing in the last few days and it was a bit cold but we can handle it.

Yentel Caers & Stefania Fumagalli

Yentel Caers & Stefania Fumagalli


My recovery is going really well day by day I’m getting stronger and having no more pain in my foot. The wound is also closed, so I’m really happy with that and it’s just that my skin is a bit stuck with my tendon. I’m still a long way where I need to be, but if I keep working like I’m working now I will get there soon. Every week is a week to get better and reach small goals. I’m able to run a little bit now (3min) and I’m also windsurfing (nothing extreme) for 20min (foil and free ride). I’m trying to stay busy and just move my foot as much as possible and also giving it enough time to rest, because you can really feel when you over do it. I’m looking forward what the next days will bring. I always try to celebrate Christmas and New year on Aruba. I always celebrate it with my family. There is no place like home… This year it’s looking like that Aruba will be packed with tourists, so it’s going to be a full Aruba the coming days… My wishes for the coming year is getting back to my windsurfing and get some titles again. I’m hungry for some competitions again and can’t wait to show what I got!

Ethan Westera


I just came back from Brazil a few days ago and spent my Christmas at home celebrating with my whole family. I have been away a few times at this time of the year, but I think it’s the only time of the year I actually enjoy the cold and being warm inside with friends and family. Christmas is not the same in 30degrees! New Year’s eve I will spend with some friends in Holland. My last session of the year was in Jericoacoara. It was perfect, there was one of the biggest swells I have seen in Jeri and not many sailors on the water anymore, so I was just sailing with some friends. The forecast for Holland for this week is pretty good, so I might sneak in a little windsurf session between the Christmas dinners if it’s not too cold!
I wish 2018 will be a year full of wind, with health, love and happiness for everyone, and hopefully with more awareness for our beautiful planet and oceans.

Arrianne Aukes in Brazil

Arrianne Aukes in Brazil


Saturday I’ve started my wintersurftrip to the south of Europe. We drove about 4h until we had to make the first break due to great windsurfing conditions on the Rhone river. We had an awesome freestyle session. It was still very cold but already much warmer than the last sessions at home in Switzerland. So after a quick pitstop our trip went on to Hyères, where we gonna enjoy the festive days with the family and friends, even we don’t celebrate Christmas we had a few after foil beers tonight and looking forward to a promising stormy forcast the next few days. I can’t wait to go windsurfing and I am impatient to test all the freaking cool new creations in the back of my van! Next season is gonna be great anyway with or without good tour results.. because I finally found gear that fits me as if I’m windsurfing in a dream! So dream on! Looking forward to a great South Europe trip together with my bro Clemens, Nic and whoever we gonna meet on the water. Hang loose Balz!

Balz Müller

Balz Müller


The time around Christmas and New Year is always very special. It is very quiet, no work and everybody is in holiday mode and there is a lot of time to do the things you like to do. If it comes all together and it’s windy at your homespot, it’s even better. This year we decided to stay home because of the good forecast and spend Christmas Eve in our place and already scored a full weekend with 3.3 – 4.0 sail sizes…. Storm Egon delivered some good wind. The next days we will maybe drive to Denmark and stay there for the weekend and hopefully surf into the new year. Let’s see!
I hope that everybody stays healthy and can enjoy their lives. Peace, love and more tolerance are my main wishes for 2018.


Christmas this year will be different and I will spend time with my second family in Fuerteventura. New Year I will go back to Gran Canaria and spend it with brother, sisters and friends. My celebration is to spend as much time in the water!!! Eat well and sleep a lot.

Iballa Moreno - Photo: PEPE ARCOS

Iballa Moreno – Photo: PEPE ARCOS


My foot is going good, still bit painful after windsurfing but it’s more from being tired than hurting it while windsurfing! So all in all pretty good. During Christmas I’ll probably be in Carnavon to have phone reach to call my parents and girlfriend. We have had a full week of good conditions in Gnaraloo so will be nice to get out of the desert and have a rest. For New Year’s eve I honestly have no idea yet and it depends on the wind. Party-wise everyone is in bed by 11 in Australia so probably I won’t even make 12 o’clock. And I hope to start the year with a good session.
I hope 2018 will be a year with good winds again but also hopefully one with less injuries. I am looking forward to move to Tenerife and start an exciting new chapter in my career but more news on that in the following weeks.


I am in the French Alps (skiing) and make a windsurf break. I will spend a good time with my family  and friends with good parties & snowboarding. My last windsurfing session session was 7 days ago with Adrian Beholz & Sam Esteve. It was a bit cold with 7° but great conditions for freestyle! Soon, I will go to Tarifa for testing some proto boards for 99 and then I will go straight to Cape Town.
Next year?? I wish to take pleasure in every session, enjoy every moment with my friends, riders & family and continue my progression to perform in competition.