German freestyle windsurfer Meiky Wieczorek spent his summer in Karpathos, Greece. And he not only hang out on the beautiful Greek beaches or enjoyed life in the tavernas or bar, he also practiced the latest freestyle moves day by day and now lands most of them clean and safe, even when the wind is howling. He lands a lot of double and even triple moves. It’s a firework of freestyle moves packed in a 8 minutes long video. And the German shows how well fast freestyle moves match with fast metal sound. Thumbs up Meiky!! 

Meiky Wieczorek: As in the past 3 years also this time I spent the whole summer season on the Greek island of Karpathos. At the Meltemi Windsurfing center I can perfectly combine working and spending a lot of time on the water in a fantastic atmosphere. Due to Corona we had a very short season, but we were happy that we still were able to welcome quite many international guests in the 2020 season. After the hard lockdown it seemed that everybody enjoyed their holidays and windsurfing even more. It was a great summer. Now I will try to catch some more sessions around home and then the waiting period for next summer starts.

German freestyle windsurfer Meiky Wieczorek with brilliant action from Karpathos, Greece