German freestyle windsurfer Meiky Wieczorek (25) returned from the Greek island of Karpathos with a firework of power freestyle moves on his hard drive. He has an insane level sliding through most of the double or triple moves effortlessly. And he lands them clean in 30 to 45 knots of wind. Meiky, who finally fully recovered from a difficult knee injury – he smashed his knee cap – is someone we should keep an eye on! His style is incredible fast, fresh and powerful.

I spent the whole season 2019 on the Greek island of Karpathos which is famous for its incredible wind statistic and strong wind conditions. There I worked at the Meltemi Windsurfing Karpathos centre which is located in the Devils Bay. The clips for my video got filmed in 3 different spots around the island. Windless days are rare and as you can see in the video, we got some really radical high-wind conditions, especially in July and August. It’s important to bring your smallest sails at that time of the year! I hope the freestyle fans out there get entertained by my 7 minutes full of action! Meiky Wieczorek


German Meiky Wieczorek with high wind freestyle windsurfing action from Karpathos, Greece