The Mayo Mayhem event was part of “The Battle of The Lake” kitesurfing and music weekend held on the beautiful island of Achill on the west coast Atlantic Way in Ireland. It was organised by Bull Island Windsurfers, an enthusiastic group of windsurfers based in Dublin. The event saw a large group of new young windsurfers compete for the first time.

The IWA (Irish Windsurfing Association) run two fleets a Silver and a Gold fleet instead of the usual Pro, Amateur, ladies, juniors fleets seen at most international events. Silver is for those who are new to waves or even experienced sailors that can’t do all the fancy moves. There were 19 men and 1 woman in this fleet. Gold fleet is for those who can loop, and perform dynamic wave riding moves. There were 14 men and 1 woman competing in this fleet. There were two competitions run over the weekend and the overall results seen at the end of the video are the Irish wave championship results for 2017.

Gold Fleet:
1st Dan Gardener
2nd Dan Kealy
3rd Mark Grennan
Silver Fleet
1st Ollie Pidden
2nd Tom Pidden
3rd Malcom Scott
Ladies Gold:
1st Katie McAnena
Ladies Silver:
1st Vicky Guthrie

Mayo Mayhem 2017 – Official Video