Max Brinnich and Chris Czadilek from CCfilms travelled to Jericoacoara, Brazil and started with a video series called “SEEN”. Now they released the first episode called Shakaland about their stay in Jericoacoara. It’s a clip with fantastic drone shots and good windsurfing action. It as well shows spots around Jeri and gives a good atmosphere on that windsurfing hot spot in Brazil.

“Welcome to my life, welcome to „SEEN“. Seen will be a series of short movies I collect while traveling the world. All these movies should summarize some of the best moments from each trip, maybe also from just a single session. It’s about memories from an epic time at epic places.  I wanna do basically 2-3 high quality clips a year from now on. Maybe this sounds now a bit enthusiastic, but the idea behind is to create something like a platform where I summarize my best memories and keep them alive for later. Maybe just from a day, maybe from a long trip or just from an incredible weekend at home. In the end SEEN is less about the action and more about feelings, nice places and moments I don’t want to forget. Right now I am already working on episode 2, which will be completely different from episode 1 for sure. OK enough words. Here is Episode 1 – straight from Shakaland, Jericoacoara, Brazil. This Episode was made by my friend, my brother Chris Czadilek. In the end I really wanna thank him, and all the people making my time in Brazil amazing this summer – yes I was there during the European summer months and it was windy every single day. Max Brinnich

 Shakaland, Episode 1 of the “SEEN” series