Max Brinnich was over the cold winter in March in Austria and left to South of  Spain, Tarifa and had great freestyle sessions on the open sea and in the lagoon.

Max Brinnich: “Due to university and work I even had to cancel my South Africa Trip. I decided that I need to go away at least in March. So I stayed nearly six weeks in Tarifa with my friend Chris Czadilek, who filmed this video during the first two weeks of our stay.”

Max returned with some nice footage back from the sea to Lake Neusiedl, where he normally sails at Podersdorf and edited a nice clip around 3 months later. Max has his own tricks to learn new moves quicker. He writes them down on the back of his hand. We remember Kauli Seadi, who wrote all the tricks on his sail many years ago. It was during a King of the lake event at Lake Garda.


Max Brinnich windsurfs in Tarifa, Spain