MaverX teamrider Fabio Calo ripping a wave (Pic: MaverX).

MaverX Masts are now available for testing in both OTC centres in El Medano, Tenerife and Weymouth, UK.

In MaverX, we very well know that one of the big questions everyone is asking when buying a mast is “will it be a MaverX mast OK for my sail”? Not only we can answer YES it will, but it will also have a huge improvement on your rig performances such as earlier planing and better rig handling.

Sounds kind of a biased opinion? Well , it is not but it couldn’t be differently, we agree. Our international results and our athletes competing with different sail brands can prove that for real… but who better than you, the customer, can answer to that fundamental question judging by yourself? An dthere are well known names on the team like top freestyler Mattia Pedrani, Dani Aeberli, Fabiao Calo or big waverider Franciso Porcella.

OTC is possibly the most prestigious test centre in the globe. Having a huge, always up-to-date board and sail selection in 2 amazing completely different spots ,will give you the choice and chance to use any given sails mounted with the original brand mast and comparing it WHEN powered by a MaverX mast. You can try WAVE and Freestyle/wave RDM masts in 85% and 100% (Stilo 200 and Stilo 300) as well as pure freestyle and freeride Masts 100% (Fireball 200).

We encourage you to do this first because we like YOU TO BE OUR TESTER but also to let you feel how important is a good mast and how the whole rig can change USING a MaverX mast. A mast is not an appendix of a sail , it is its spine. As with fins for a board it can turn completely the behaviour of a sail. Please change, experiment, evaluate, be the most severe judge of your own equipment and our machines.

OTC will offer you an amazing opportunity since you can do all that quickly, easy AND IN THE SAME DAY exploiting the same external conditions and your physical conditions that tends to vary. Ben Wood in Tenerife and Tris Best in Weymouth will assist you with their dedication and expertise. We are not fishing for compliments therefore we challenge you to find and tell us not only the goods of our Masts.

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