UK wave pro and film maker Jamie Hancock released a video awesome wave action from South Africa and Maui featuring Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams, Thomas Traversa, Graham Ezzy, Aleksy Gayda, Aleix Sanllehy.

Jamie Hancock about his clip: “Some short clips of me and some friends from last year. There is too much video of windsurfing coming from South Africa and Maui that I feel it is just ‘another edit’ that can be a bit repetitive. I’d love to travel the world and explore some new places, but things like money, convenience and reliability of time spent on the water ultimately end up the defining factor. Maybe the future will have in store for some exciting new trips with this group. Anyway, better here than stored away on my hard drive!”


South Africa & Maui Windsurfing Action 2016

Filmed & edited by: Jamie Hancock