Julien “WeshWesh” Taboulet and his family spent a great time in Maui and released their second video from Maui. They ride waves, they ride concrete or they just spend time on the beach or explore the nature.

“Windsurfing, surfing, skateboarding… You can really do everything on Maui and this is why this place stay so special! Else, what a chance to ride Jaws, so lucky to get the big swell and the wind at the same time, this wave is so “unique”… Maui is really fantastic, enjoy it!” (Julien “WeshWesh” Taboulet)

Maui Fantastic with the Wesh Family – surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding in paradise starring Caroline, Alika, Kaili, Loise-Aina & Julien Taboulet


Edited by: Wesh Family