That’s a quick mix of the 5 different sessions Mattia Perdrani had last Christmas. He had great sessions in waves and flat water. He lands perfect moves like Takas, Goiters, Konos and much more…

“It started off in Principina, Tuscany, on the 25th, with 30 knots port tack, then went to Funtana Meiga, Sardinia to sail starboard tack with 35 knots sideon on the 26th and 15 sideoff on the 27th. A little freestyle sesh with 13/20 knots at Porto Pollo and then a nice clean surf session in La Ciaccia to finish everything up, and then straight back home.”


Mattia has produced  his own beat for the clip and  called it “Champagne Room”. Check his infamous beats out here .