Mattia Fabrizi (ITA-991) with finest freestyle action from Porto Pollo and Porto Liscia, Sardinia: Filippo Campanile from Powder Mob filmed and edited the world class action. Mattia spent many weeks in Porto Pollo over the summer months, where he worked in a windsurfing center and made it on the water, when the wind was on. Mattia lands brilliant double moves and even Back loops in knee high waves. Unfortunately the summer is over and we all remember the nice sessions in board shorts.

Mattia had a good season on tour. The 28 year old Italian won the final international tow-in event of the season at the DAM-X, made it in 2nd place in the tow-in invitational in Austria, finished the EFPT tour in 7th and made it in 18th place overall in the freestyle rankings on the PWA tour.

Mattia Fabrizi lands finest freestyle windsurfing moves in Sardinia’s freestyle hot spots Porto Pollo and Porto Liscia