Matteo Iachino (ITA-140), number 3 in the Slalom World ranking spent his winter in El Medano on Tenerife. Now the 26 year-old Italian released a clip with some highlights of his time in Tenerife. Normally you try not to jump or fly on your Slalom gear to keep the speed at the max, but in this video Matteo shows some big jump with his high-end Slalom gear.

5 questions to Matteo Iachino

Continentseven: How was your winter on Tenerife?
Matteo Iachino: My winter in Tenerife was perfect as usual. We had a lot of good conditions to train and test and I had great time on the water.

Continentseven: Did you train harder compared to the other years and who were the fastest guys on the water?
Matteo Iachino: I trained as hard as I could. I don’t think I could train much more than that. A lot of guys were fast! Bruno Martini, Jordy Vonk, Malte Reuscher, Andrea Cucchi, Marco Lang, Andrea Ferin, Maciek Rutkowski and many others who came just for a week or so! (e.n. Andrea Cucchi told us, that actually Matteo was the fastest and most consistent one).

Continentseven: Did you have enough time to make it on the wave board or surf board?
Matteo Iachino: I tried just to have fun and to relax. I had some nice wave sessions and surf sessions for sure.

Continentseven: You jumped quite high with your slalom gear. Did you destroy a lot gear and isn’t this high-end gear built for riding only?
Matteo Iachino: Yes, it is supposed to be only made to go straight and fast, but it’s really a lot of fun to jump in high wind and if you are careful enough to land going downwind in the end you can land smooth and you don’t break anything. At least I didn’t break anything, ahahah.

Continentseven: What’s possible in the 2016 season? The Slalom title?
Matteo Iachino: Everything is possible. I will push as hard as I can and whatever I will do it’s going to be good. The only thing I care is to have the best performance I can have on the race course. I believe in my boards and sails and I will try to do my best.


Italian Slalom pro Matteo Iachino with an action clip from El Medano, Tenerife