2016 Slalom PWA World Champion Matteo lachino spent the last 12 years always on the road. Competing, training and working hard to be the best in the world. When Covid put a stop to the competition season he took some time out to enjoy what he loves most: spending time with friends and riding waves.

Check out the video made by Franz Orsi, telling the story about their trip to Galicia.

Matteo Iachino: I could go on a road trip in June/July 2020 when I normally would be really busy with contests. I went with my girlfriend Blanca around Spain in a van and we visited places I have never been to. I was so relaxed for a month. It was really good for wave sailing and surfing. Normally I’m never relaxed when I have time off as I would worry about being too tired, losing weight… So I got a month of vacation where I could relax.

Matteo Iachino windsurfs and surfs in waves in Galicia, Spain – Video

Video by Franz Orsi

In addition you can read an interview by Starboard. They caught up with Matteo to find out how this special year went for him. Here is the link to the interview with the PWA Slalom World Champ from 2016 and 3 times PWA Slalom vice World Champion (2019, 2018 & 2017), who loves to ride waves.