Martin and Bára Ovsik packed everything, the dogs, the windsurfing and surfing equipment  after their wedding in Czech Republic and moved to Tenerife. Now they are living on the beautiful Canary island, which has wind and waves. And they love it to live on Tenerife! They not only windsurf. They also surf in big waves at Tenerife’s rough coast and really like to hike through the wild forests or spend a night in the tent. Tenerife is indeed a great little continent for water sport enthusiasts, who don’t want to give up climbing or hiking in steep mountains.

Martin Ovsik: “The clip should a bit more like a mini documentary about the island of Tenerife, which is very known for its great conditions for windsurfing, but not so much for surfing and the nature, which is both incredible here! Especially during winter months. I tried to connect all of that in the video.”

Martin and Bára Ovsik live their life on Tenerife and love it