Markus Rydberg, wave windsurfing pro and videographer from Varberg, Sweden, released the final episode of his Viking Diaries. 20 Viking Diaries are done and that’s it. Congrats Markus, great job! In his final episode Markus shows some footage from his childhood and great footage from his home spots Läjet and Apelviken around Varberg. Markus doesn’t care, if it’s cold, he is a real Viking and braves the extreme elements, the storm and the waves. The final episode was produced by West Coast Visuals. Markus edited the video.

“We are proud to have produced the latest and last the Viking Diaries episode. Read what Markus has to say about the project that has been going on for four years: Today marks a special day for me, as this is the final & very last episode of The Viking Diaries.When I started this project four years ago,
my goal was to make 20 episodes to visualise my journey as a professional windsurfer. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come since the start, both as a person, as an athlete and as a videographer. It’s been an amazing ride, I hope you guys have enjoyed following The Viking Diaries as much as I have enjoyed making them. Thank you to everyone, who continuously shows support. Special thanks to Emma & Mikael Linder, without you two this wouldn’t have been possible.The Viking Diaries, episode 20. Enjoy!” (Markus Rydberg about his video project Viking Diaries, 2014 – 2018)

Markus Rydberg in Viking Diaries Ep. 20 – the final episode from Sweden 

Filmed byWest Coast Visuals – Mikael Linder, Gustav Lerman, Markus Rydberg

Narrative & voice: Keith Dliwayo