Follow the Swedish windsurfer Markus Rydberg on his trip to the annual Simmer photoshoot on Maui. Markus told us, that he worked a lot on his timing, reading the wave and to get more fluid in his riding. We think it paid off and we definitely see an improvement in his wave riding style.

Markus Rydberg: “The fact that I spend so much time sailing this winter helped a lot during this Maui trip. This winter we had a lot of side onshore starboard tack conditions at home so I was pretty in tune when I left. But to sail in Maui and especially Ho’okipa is really different. Side/side off winds and more power in the waves. It took me almost a week and a half to get rid of my onshore riding style (with the clew really open), get used to fight for every wave, a lot of photographers in the water and so on. Moves like Takas are for sure easier in onshore, but to get the rotation and push from the wave in moves like the Goiter and 360 feels easier at Ho’okipa. I mostly sailed my 4,7 and 5,0 with the 90 ltr prototype (L: 228, W:58,2) I had made over there.”


Markus Rydberg on Maui 2015 – Podcast #9