Maria Morales Navarro (E-737) lives in El Medano, Tenerife and is a real windsurfing addict. The 13 year-old Maria loves to ride waves or to jump at her home spot El Cabezo.

After the competitions on the Canaries Maria travelled with her dad, Ines Arija and the Pozo Bros Alexia and Carlos to Essaouira in Morocco. She sailed in starboard tack conditions, learnt a lot and enjoyed riding at Boujmaa Guilloul’s spot in Moulay Bouzerktoune. But besides windsurfing she discovered a lot on land. Maria got in contact with a new culture and made new friends. She met local Abderazaq Labdi, who told her how he started with windsurfing and in the end Maria left one of her sails for the local kids. 

Watch a really well made video with a continuous story. Very well done Maria and everyone, who was involved in the production!!

Maria Morales Navarro windsurfs in the waves of Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco for the first time