German freestyler Marco Wedele (G-125) spent many years of his life at Dahab, Egypt. It’s kind of a second home of the passionate windsurfing coach. He recently spent a good time in Dahab and went for a trip to the remote but beautiful blue lagoon.  The video shows how Dahab looks like at the beginning of the clip and how the 30 year old windsurfer lives in Dahab. At 2.30 min the action on water starts. The water colors at Blue Lagoon are beautiful and Marco lands several cool moves like Shakas, Punetas, Flakas. Really nice to watch. Watch “Meya Meya Dahab” and start dreaming about a trip to the Blue Lagoon, a real freestyle paradise! Marco filmed and edited the clip. Nina Smart filmed the action of Marco.

Marco Wedele about Dahab: “Dahab is still proving to be one of my most favourite places, if not the favourite! Even though all of the guys having a really hard time there,  it’s still as instantly relaxing and welcoming as it always has been. Meya Meya means 100% and that describes it just perfect!!” 


Marco Wedele in Dahab and Blue Lagoon, Egypt