Today Hometown Creations released a short teaser for their upcoming “NINE till NOW” short film featuring German windsurfer Marco Lufen. “We all grew up next to each other and we were always talking about making a film once,” Marco told us. So, at the end of June Marco, Jan-Eric and Alex drove to Leucate to film for the movie, which will be released on Sunday October 1st.

We hooked up with Marco to find out more about the idea behind the movie.

NINE till NOW Teaser

production company: Hometown Creations
director: Jan Eric Hühn
director of photography: Alex Schuchmann
music & sounddesign: eeph aka. Henric Schleiner


Marco Lufen about NINE till NOW

Continentseven: Whose idea was „NINE till NOW“ and what is the movie about?

Marco Lufen: Well the initial idea came from basically all of us, as we all grew up next to each other and we were always talking about making a film once. Jan-Eric and Alex were very much into filming and photography from an early stage onwards and I was basically the protagonist, as I was windsurfing. The intention of the film was to make a portrait about myself, as that did not exist yet and Jan-Eric and Alex just opened up their own firm for which they needed an image-film. As we all finished our Bachelor-studies in June this year, the time felt right to hit the road and shoot!

At which locations did you film for the movie?

We filmed mostly in Leucate, which is located in the southern part of France. A few shots were also taken from my home where I grew up in St.Tönis.

Why did you decide to film in Leucate?

Our budget was tight so we decided to go to Leucate, as most of the time you will have at least a few days of wind when you stay around 2 two weeks. We wanted to be sure that we can film everything in those two weeks as we all had different obligations after the trip.

What is your connection to Leucate?

Well I know Leucate since I was a kid. Together with my parents I have been in Leucate several times in spring and in autumn when the famous “Tramontana” was blowing almost every day. It is a great spot to train with lots of different facets. We drove a lot in order to make the movie exciting and show different places that normally no tourist touches.

What’s the story behind the name NINE till NOW?

We called the movie from “NINE till NOW”, as I started to windsurf when I was 9 years-old, well my first steps.

Who was involved in the production of this movie?

Well the production was made by Jan-Eric, Alex, me and Henric the sound designer.

Are you happy with the outcome of the movie?

Yes, I am definitely more than happy with the outcome. The boys did an incredible job even though they never filmed a water-sportsman before. We wanted to focus on the story behind the portrait not primarily on the moves performed. There are so many movies out there of great people with great personalities, but no one shows them. I do believe that in order to let the sport grow again it is necessary to not only focus on the sports action itself, but more on what everybody embodies as a person. It is about how can we make it interesting and attractive again for younger people and making us more attractive for other industries where we can benefit from.

What can the audience expect from the movie?

Well, I mean everyone interprets movies and art in a different way so I guess it is very difficult to generalize something right now. I hope that the message comes across that with determination and dedication dreams can become true and fulfilled! Being a “professional windsurfer” for the outside world is difficult to imagine, so we wanted to portray it how it actually is.

©Interview by Continentseven 2017