Marc Paré has just released a recap video about his successful 2015 season. The 17 years-old Catalonian windsurfer has big dreams and wants to be a champion in the future. We would say he already rides like a champ today. 

Additionally to the vid, we caught up with Marc for a quick interview, which you can ready below.

Marc Paré’s 2015 Video recap


Interview Marc Paré


Continentseven: 2015 is almost over, what was your biggest moment?
Marc Paré: I count 2015 as a big moment itself as there were so many great moments that I don’t want to mention just one. I’ve had really tough situations during the events but also really magic moments and I think that every single moment is important, as they are part of my life. I’m just super happy as my dream of being a professional windsurfer is becoming true and I’m living my dream life.


Continentseven: In the past you have been competing with kids. Now, in 2015, you stepped up to the next level competing with the biggest names in the world of wave windsurfing. How was that transition for you?
Marc Paré: It was really tough as the level in the pro fleet is outstanding but it really motivates me to keep pushing to go forward and to be (one day) one of the top riders, which is pretty much what I’m looking for.


Continentseven: Would you wish to see a few more young guys windsurfing in competitions or is it ok for you how it is at the moment?
Marc Paré: For sure I would like to see more kids! We are the future of windsurfing and it depends on us to make this sport bigger! I feel happy when I see other young kids motivated and pushing their limits. If there are more kids, it also makes the competition part more exciting!

Marc Pare with big action at Pozo Izquierdo in 2015

Marc Pare with big action at Pozo Izquierdo in 2015


Continentseven: In 2015 you performed great at so many different wave spots already, but you don’t live at the seaside and relatively far from perfect waves. How is it possible for someone like you living inland getting such a good level at the young age of 17?
Marc Paré:  The other day I was asking myself the same question and I got to the conclusion that the summers in Pozo paid off! Hahaha. But also I’ve travelled quite a lot in 2015 and I think this made me improve my level.


Continentseven: What do you wish for 2016? We wish you good luck!!
Marc Paré: The first thing I wish is to be happy doing what I love and the second thing is to improve my level and my results as much as possible! (e.n. Marc was ranked 26th on the PWA World Tour in 2015, he was the 2nd best ranked youth wave windsurfer behind Moritz Mauch, who won the youth title)

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