Marc Paré from Catalonia is one of the new hot shots in wave windsurfing. He spent several weeks in Cape Town this winter and has now released a radical wave windsurfing video about his South African summer. The Spaniard is one of the windsurfers who goes for the really big moves: huge stalled Forwards, big Back loops, Goiters, brilliant Aerials. It’s jun fun to watch this young windsurfer. Marc was the best ranked youth wave sailor in the World Cup 2016, ranked 28th overall (26th in 2015 and 29th in 2014). Let’s see what 2017 will bring for the 18 year-old!

Camera:, Moritz Mauch, Markus Rydberg, In to Fire & Water, Julian Salmonn, Caterina Stenta

Marc Paré with radical wave windsurfing action in South Africa 2017