Malta. The island is located in the centre of the Mediterranean, between Sicily, Tunesia and Libya. The island can get hit by excellent wind and good swell, especially from north-westerly direction, and the island offers many spots. We spent 10 days on the island some years ago, it was March, and we had almost every day wind for 4,7 to 6,0 sail sizes. Our favorite spots were Melieha bay, Qawra Point and the opposite island Gozo. Malta is one of the smallest states, has the highest population density worldwide and the most statutory holidays.

It is definitely worth a visit, not only because of the windsurfing conditions, but also because of the famous historical monuments, nice buildings, beaches and good weather. And did you know, that many famous films got shot on the Island? To mention only a few…Troy with Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, Gladiator with Russell Crowe, The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks and at the moment they shoot World War Z with Brad Pitt on the island.

The UK freestyle sailor Jamie Drummond decided to visit the island, too and he got some decent conditions. Watch a quick two-minute clip from a few sessions at Ghalis, Melieha and Armier.

Jamie Drummond: “Malta has a big range of spots, from really flat water for cruising and freestyle. I haven’t explored them all yet and just a couple are in the video. The wave beaches generally produce better jumping conditions, but with a big swell there is a point break at Ghalis that can give you a few turns. The best wind direction here is anything W, and in December I had sessions where it blew 18 knots and sessions where it was 45 knots, it really does offer everything. When there is no wind there are some really cool spots for SUP cruising and surfing. Also, the temperature is 15-20º, much warmer than the UK.”


Jamie Drummond in Malta, December 2012