In September 2013 the Magheroarty Classic event saw its return. The event saw twice the people compared to other events in the past. All the Irish windsurfing scene gathered at the spot located at Donegal County in the north western corner of Ireland. Timo Mullen won the final against Rob Jones.

Magheroarty was Mikey Clancy’s favourite spot. He loved to sail at this left hander and has ridden huge waves. But he left us too early, his parents and the whole Irish windsurfing community with Timo Mullen, Katie McAnena and many more. Mikey’s family and friends remembered him at the beach as his ashes were scattered into the sea around 9 months after he passed away on January 6th. A very emotional moment during the Magheroarty Classic 2013. Mikey returned to the spot, where he loved to sail most and now will rest in peace forever.

If you are looking for a place to wave sail in Europe in September, Ireland is a perfect choice with long days, warm water and heaps of waves hitting Irish west coast.

Watch a wonderful mini-doc by Bold Puppy Production, which shows the whole event very well. It gives an impression on the spot, the best action and the riders and shows Mikey’s last resting-place.


2013 Magheroarty Classic Results:



1 Timo Mullen

2 Rob Jones

3 Alex Dugan

4 Ryan O’Leary

5 Oisin van Gelderen

6 Rob Creane

7 Dan Gardner

7 Dan Kealy

8 William Revels

8 Cormack O’Brien

9 Katie McAnena

9 Mark Killeen

10 Dave Garvey

10 Tom Lotocki

10 Niall Mellon

10 Martin Roe

10 Jonny Price



1 Tom Firth

1 Duncan Knox

3 Pawel Bielinski

3 David Minton

3 David Murray

3 Finn Mellon

3 Hubert Bielinski

3 Peter Corrigan

4 Andrew Christofides

4 Bill Connell

4 Guy Molyneux

4 Geoff Hautman

5 Vicky Guthrie

5 Phillip Ryan

5 Paul Gordon

5 Liam Wade

5 Iwo Rudowicz

6 Phelim Mc Govern

6 Martin Waldron



1 Katie McAnena

2 Vicky Guthrie



1 Duncan Knox

2 Finn Mellon

3 Hubert Bielinski