Balz Müller is the party on the water and the water is his dance floor. Hence Oli Stauffacher (Tuesday Club) named his latest clip about Balz after a shut club in the south of Fuerteventura “Mafasca Disco”. And Balz is a pretty radical dancer and in this clip he absolutely lives up to his social media name “radiculo”. The Swiss not only lives an extreme style on the water, he as well loves to skateboard. No move is too extreme, no move is impossible. 

Let’s see what comes next. Right now Balz tries to land all the windsurfing freestyle moves with his foil board on the Swiss lakes in lighter wind conditions.

Swiss Balz Müller with extreme freestyle windsurfing action and some shopping scenes from Fuerteventura’s south 2018

Produced by Oli Stauffacher aka Bongo Fury / Tuesday Club