Windsurfing has become more and more popular in Russia with Russian sailors getting into the top 10 on the PWA tour and Russians opening windsurfing centers all around the world. But there is still less information and less footage about the sailors. Olya Raskina and her Russian windsurfing colleagues decided to change this situation and produced a movie with three of the best Russian windsurfers traveling around the world.

Olya Raskina and her crew have started to work on this movie in 2010, now the more than 18 minute long film MADE IN OCEAN is finished. 


Olya Raskina: “This is not a pure action movie. It shows windsurfing in all its variety and beauty with Russian sailors. The movie is about different lives of 3 riders Alex Zlobinskiy, Seva Shulgin and myself visiting Chile and Mauritius. The name of the film is “Made in Ocean” as it is the ocean that inspires us all.”


Watch MADE IN OCEAN with windsurfing action in Chile and on Mauritius

Produced by Olya Raskina
Edited by Lena Bam
Filmed by Lena Bam, Svetoslav Bolgarchuk, Kirill Umrikhin, Andrey Kamenev