Maciek Rutkowski put his focus in windsurfing on the racing over the last few years. But when he gets the chance to jump on the wave equipment he has a smile all over his face. This time he had great sessions at El Cabezo, where the winter swell smashed on the rocks and strong trade winds filled up the 4.0m of the Polish “waterman”. In “DO I STILL KNOW HOW TO RIDE WAVES”, the 11th Episode of “WindsurfLife” Maciek shows how much he loves wave windsurfing and that he still can land rad moves like Back loops, Push loops or Takas. And the nicely carved full rail turns in side onshore conditions look very nice, too!! Our recommendation to Maciek: make it in waves more often in the future.

“This week I still spent in Tenerife, just before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. I was training for the racing season 2020. I thought that I can’t go racing every single day though. So I decided on an off-day to head out to Cabezo to see if I remember how to ride waves.” (Maciek Rutkowski, POL-23).

DO I STILL KNOW HOW TO RIDE WAVES – WINDSURFLIFE Episode 11 with Maciek Rutkowski from El Cabezo, Tenerife

Filmed by Andrzej Jó?wik, Rytis Jasiunas

Edited by Maciek Rutkowski