Maciek Rutkowski – 2016 Recap Video “Living the Dream”

The Polish slalom racer and wave rider Maciek Rutkowski released his 2016 recap video called “Living the Dream”. The video is very nice mix of slalom and wave action and recaps Maciek’s 2016 year.

Maciek: “I know it’s already March and 2017 is in full swing, but I had quite a few bits and pieces that haven’t been published yet or only been published on my social media so I decided to put it all together. I actually had it ready in January, but just as I was about to hit “render” i reached for some spice to put on my steak and dropped the harddrive all the footage was on! ? I managed to get most of it back, from my social media or from the people that filmed but some of the stuff is gone forever!”

Living the Dream ft. Maciek Rutkowski

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Nice action but what is that bullshit circus training with bosu balls in the beginning? I notice that on a lot of windsurf clips of the “pros” by so called expert fitness trainers. It looks interesting but is more for cirque du soleil.

Maciek Rutkowski

Balance and body control is important in windsurfing. This “cirque” training is used in many other pro sports including ones where you’d think its not crucial like basketball or football. Stop hatin 🙂