Maaike Huvermann has incredible skills in freestyle windsurfing. Here’s her latest video “Lowlands – Part 1”. Maaike explores special spots, sails in front of old windmills or rides the storm on small channels, on “Grachten”. Additionally she talks about the love for the local spots in her home country. Great job Maaike!!

Lowlands is a series I have wanted to make for a long time and it’s all about windsurfing in the Netherlands. There is so much on offer here for windsurfers, each spot so unique.

Exploring the Netherlands and windsurfing at all these different spots really has been a great time. Stay tuned because I have some really cool things planned! Maaike Huvermann

Lowlands – Part 1: Dutch freestyle windsurfing pro Maaike Huvermann explores new spots in her home country during the winter months