Maria Andrés from Spain, who competes in the Slalom and Wave discipline, just released a clip called “Loving my winter” about her trip to Maui and her sessions back home in South of Spain.

Maria Andrés: “This is a small sample and a way to express how happy I am living by the ocean. It is an infinite happiness… I feel very fortunate. The title came to me almost without thinking, because this winter was simply unforgettable! I want to thank all those who are supporting me in my way, and especially to Gun Sails, for trusting me during these years.” 


Spanish windsurfing pro Maria Andrés with her winter video 2013/2014

Edited: Emilio Galindo Barquín

Footage: Valentin Böckler, Emilio “Emi” Galindo Barquín & Güabe Team, harness Mounts by Maria Andrés and the helicopter shots from the Gun Sails photo shooting