Like many other freestyle windsurfers, Loick Spicher spent a part of his winter in South Africa, too. Loick pushed hard and improved his freestyle and wave skills and landed some big moves. 

Loick Spicher: “It was windy most of the days and we scored some proper conditions for training. Despite all the driving we as well enjoyed many impressive sceneries and were nearly everyday on the water! My personal highlights of this trip were the amazing surf trips and sessions we had! Every time the wind was too light, for example in the mornings, we went surfing in amazing places. All in all it was my best trip so far with many unforgettable moments… Thanks to everyone who made it happen! And I can’t wait for the next adventure…”

Loick Spicher with great freestyle action from South Africa in 2017

Camera: Jeremy Plüss, Valentin Böckler, Julian Wiemar & Loick Spicher