Loick Lesauvage – Fall winter collection 2017/2018

Loick Lesauvage is making his way to the forefront of the top wave windsurfers. He was without doubt one of the young upcoming wave talents…. now, at the age of 17, he is probably the top rider in his age category. Loick, who lives in Southern France, barely misses good conditions and when he isn’t at home he travels the world, together with his dad, to follow wind and waves.

On his way to Maui, during a stop over in New York Loick remembers the insane wave sessions he had during fall and winter at La Coudouliere or La Carro. He remembers how he spun through Frontside Wave 360s, landed Goiters clean or landed double Forwards.

Collection Automne Hiver – ft. with Loick Lesauvage

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Good video. He’s very stylish in those onshore spots, and I liked Ben’s voice in the background. Very romantic 😀


Super nice video! Best of the year so far!


stylemaster on the water and on the editing-great!


Great video production! I liked the old school KW intro song…
I really like his waveriding style, he presents those euro-wave conditions to be very attractive.
Definitelly future top wave rider on the tour, he reminds me of Traversa