Logan Groenne is a 22 year-old windsurfer from Belgium. He started windsurfing when he was 6 years-old at the biggest lake in Belgium close to his home, called L’eau d’heure. But after his first wave session at Wissant with 14 years he knew he wanted to be a wave rider. Trips to Pozo Izquierdo followed but to live 300km away from the sea and waves in the south of Belgium was not the best to indulge his passion for wave windsurfing.

So as soon as he finished school with 18 nobody could hold him back: “After I finished school I’ve been to Gran Canaria more often with the help of my father to train. That was really a challenge for me because the other guys were already at an unbelievable level. Now I’m 22 and I’m spending half of the year in Gran Canaria to improve my windsurfing. I participated in the Canarian championship this year, where I finished 9th,in really hard conditions but my dream is to compete in the World Cup once!”

Good luck, 22 is still very young, everything is possible…

Logan Groenne in Gran Canaria