Re-watch the live stream from the Omaezaki World Cup in Japan. The Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup marks the first event of the unified PWA / IWT World Wave Tour. Omaezaki is world famous as a wild windsurfing destination. Back in the 90’s Omaezaki hosted the SOMETIME WORLD CUP which was a gigantic windsurfing event. The IWT event in 2019 was the first time a major international wave event ran in Japan since the boom years of the 90’s. Now with the unified PWA/IWT Wave Tour, this event is back on top of the world where it belongs. The local passion never stopped and the local windsurfing community is extremely well organised and motivated. 

The event is finished. You can check out the results here: Results – Omaezaki Japan World Cup 2023

Live Stream Omaezaki Japan World Cup – Re-Watch

Day 1

The Omaezaki Japan World Cup 2023 began in marginal conditions. At the end of day one Matoko Sako leads the battle in the Women’s division in front of Maria Andres. In the Men’s division only the top 8 sailors remain at the end of day one. These 8 riders can still win the single elimination: Takara Ishii, Antoine Martin, Morgan Noireaux, Philip Köster, Marc Pare, Ricardo Campello, Bernd Roediger, Marcilio Browne

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Day 2

Day 2 saw the youth and master fleet take to the water. And the pros showed some moves in a super session. The wind was lighter and the waves were even smaller compared to day 1. The Youth fleet at the Omaezaki Japan World Cup is quite strong with divisions for under 15 and under 20. In the masters division 12 men are registered.
Hayata Ishii, who is a top pro already was the clear standout taking the U20 win. Local legend Yoshitaka Ikeda took first place in the Masters division.

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