German freestyle windsurfing addict Lisa Kloster (G-444) and friends spent their summer on the windy island of Karpathos. They enjoyed the Greek lifestyle, the fresh water melons and the perfect freestyle conditions. It’s a fresh clip about a group of young, motivated freestyle windsurfers spending a great summer in Greece, windsurfing in perfect freestyle conditions, learning new moves and living in a van.

Lisa Kloster (20): “We love windsurfing, Karpathos and watermelons!! It was a pleasure to spend a big part of my summer on the Greek island Karpathos, where we used to sail in strong wind almost every day! We had to travel thousands of kilometers by car and with several ferries, but it was worth it. Thanks everyone who made this trip so special!”

Other riders in the video: Zita, Leander, Bene, Gabriel, Founier family (who nearly missed their ferry because Nascimo didn´t leave the water), Felix und Steffi & the Lasser bros!


WATERMELON – a Karpa 2019 story by Lisa Kloster