Lina Erpenstein (20) made her first PWA podium this year. The 20 year-old German windsurfer finishd 3rd at the 2017 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival and was very surprised, as she really didn’t expect to finish on the podium. “Happy is probably not the word. I am only just getting what’s happening actually that I made the podium. I am very, very happy. I didn’t expect this to happen and now it actually really happened. One major point for my place on the podium is probably consistency. For competition sailing you don’t necessarily have to be the most radical sailor out there. More important is what you can do in those 12 to 14 minutes. I really learnt a lot with my wave riding this year. We really had a good season with a lot of wind and swell in Western Australia. The consistency in wave riding helped me quite a lot,” Lina told us.

Lina’s Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival Video