Lina Erpenstein released her new video from Denmark called “Green in grey” filmed by Steffi Wahl and Vilma Vicente. She told us that she knows Denmark in grey colors only as she sails during the dark autumn and winter months at these spots. Now it was late summer with longer days and more day light. The water looked way more greener, especially from the drone, what explains the title “Green in grey”.  
Lina lives in northern Germany and she travels often to the Danish coast for a windsurfing session. The highlight of her trip was the victory of the European Wave production board champion title at the Cold Hawaii Games. Once again Lina impressed the judges with her radical style. The 22 year-old windsurfer is one of the best women in wave windsurfing and she is looking forward to the the next event in Sylt. Actually she studies medicine in Kiel, Germany and tries to combine university with windsurfing. So far it works well for Lina, who only missed the Pozo World Cup this summer.

Lina Erpenstein windsurfing action from Hanstholm, Denmark