For sure, Limnos is not the most popular island regarding mass-tourism, but it is starting to be the opposite for windsurfing and kitesurfing fans. The name ‘Anemoessa’ that the ancients gave Limnos litteraly means ‘windy island’, and pretty much describes the conditions there.

Action at Keros Beach

On the countless beautiful beaches on the island, you can find all: Flat-water beaches, bump and jump terains, and even the legendary Gomati which awakens in winter and gives birth to 3-4m glassy waves! The turquoise waters, the widespread sand-dunes, and the crazy rock formations of the island, really make you believe you are on a surf trip in Australia, Mexico, or Hawaii.

Keros Beach

The home of all windsurfers and kitesurfers in Limnos is without doubt, Keros beach. Keros beach is a very friendly 4km sandy beach, with conditions that suit everybody. On the very north side of the bay, is a crazy flat section with incredible carribean-like colors. In the middle, just around the Surf Club there are freeride conditions with small chop and some small sideshore waves on those big days, and on the very south end, on the windy days, you get 1m, even 1,5m high side-onshore waves.

What else can you find at Keros beach?

The ‘Surf Club Keros’, a windsurfing and kitesurfing school opened by the people that discovered this well hidden paradise. “There are many things that go different at Surf Club Keros“, says Rick and Giannis, owners of the club.

“First of all, we are not a typical business-profile surf club. Here we try and keep the vibes mellow and friendly. It is a place from surfers to surfers. Second of all, we are the first eco-friendly surf school in Greece. Our whole building is powered by solar panels, and is mobile, so when the season is over we pack and leave. This way we have the minimum impact on the protected eco-system surrounding Keros beach. When we first came here, we fell in love with the place, and want to keep it pure and protect it.”

Pantelis, the local photographer and as well windsurfer, puts it this way: “People have not realized it yet, but Limnos is the new windsurfing paradise. We have wind all year round, extraordinary beaches, magnificent food, and we are still cheap, unlike the other touristic Greek islands.

For more information, pictures and local maps, visit the Surf Club Keros website