Leo Ray, former wave and freestyle pro and extreme sportsman, is teaching kids in funboard windsurfing in the Pole Nautique Gruissan club. A few days ago 6 year-old Enola was riding together with him on his board and even on his shoulders. Fun to watch but please take care and don’t crash!!

Leo Ray: “This 6 year-old little girl, Enola, has a favorite toy, a pink Barbie windsurfer.  She explained me everything about it and said that she would love to try windsurfing like her Barbie doll does. I promised her that I can help her  and explained what can be possible on a windsurf board. Enola said she would talk about it to her mom first … and if mum is ok, she will sit on my shoulders for a “Full Planing Windsurfing Ride” Well, a few weeks later the forecast was looking perfect to give it a try. So, here it is!!”

Don’t try this at home kids… only for expert windsurfers…

6 years old Enola on the shoulders of Leo Ray in Gruissan

Leo Ray in one of his classes in Gruissan