Lennart Neubauer is a 16 year-old freestyler, who is well known in the international Freestyle windsurfing scene. With top 16 results on the 2019 PWA tour he showed what he is capable of and he spent as much time as possible on the water over the last months. Lennart lives in the windsurfing paradise of Naxos. This summe few top riders like Sarah-Quita Offringa, Oda Johanne, Val and Lina  Erzen or Balz Müller travelled there and spent a part of their summer on the Greek island. It looks like, this gave Lennart another boost. Additionally he always gets the support of the locals Stam Promponas and Manolis Orfanos. When the Meltemi wind made a brake, Lennart spent a lot of his time on the road bike … and it’s not a flat island. Lennart grew and got way stronger and lands his double moves with a lot of speed and power. He even slides through moves with many more rotations and can now match with Kiri Thode? Check out Lennart’ facebook post!

Lennart Neubauer with his latest power Freestyle moves from the lagoon in Naxos, Greece