Guy Briche and Alex Stamataris, two young and very motivated film producers from Greece, visited freestyle windsurfing hot shot Lennart Neubauer on the Aegean island of Naxos, where he lives, windsurfs and visits the school. They produced a great short portrait about the 17 year-old windsurfing youth champion and tow-in European Champion 2021.

In “MOWGLI THE WINDSURFER” Lennart talks about his beginnings in windsurfing, about his goals and how he pushes himself to his personal limits. He is fearless to fail and he doesn’t care if it takes him weeks, months or even years to learn a new move. The fantastic short film shows the great personality of the young Greek athlete, who wants to become World Champion in freestyle windsurfing one day. In 2021 he already stormed up the rankings and made it in 5th place overall on the European Freestyle Pro Tour. But Lennart is more than just a competitors. He creates his unique style day by day spending many hours on the board. He also created together with friends and the support of his sponsors a unique ramp park for windsurfing.

“MOWGLI The WINDSURFER” – A short portrait about windsurfer Lennart Neubauer by Guy Briche & Alex Stamataris 


Guy Briche & Alex Stamataris 





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