How many freestyle moves could you do when you were 13? Lennart Neubauer from Naxos can do a lot!! In his latest video he presents his brilliant collection of moves from 2017, filmed in Naxos and Patras from May until December. He lands most of his moves on both tacks now and he is only at the age of 13. Just incredible!!! And his technique is so much advanced. Imagine if he continues like this, how many moves will he be able to land at the end of next year?

That’s the list of moves 13 year-old Lenlart actually lands: Bodydrag, Eslider, swicth Flaka, Puneta, Spin loop, Grubby Diablo, switch Kono, Skopu, regular Kono, Flaka, Flaka 720°, Funnell, Funnell Diablo, Bob, Gozzada, Shoveit Vulcan, Burner, Spock Vulcan, Air Funnell, Spock, Spock 540°, Bob oh 540°, Ponch, Shaka, AirFunnell oh, Culo

And we bet he will add many more moves soon. Well done!!

Lennart Neubauer presents his best moves he landed over the 2017 at his home spot in Naxos, Greece