Lena Erdil gets more and more into vlogging and released her seventh vlog about her visit at the Starboard office in Bangkok. She explores the office, shape rooms, meets the owner and founder Svein Rasmussen, who tells about Starboard’s sustainability ideas. Later Lena drives with Albert Pijoan, Wave & inflatable boards designer, photographer Georgia Schofield and head graphic designer Erik Schnitzler to the test center in Pattaya, where she meets Tiesda You, the enginieer and brand manager.

“While picking up my 2018 boards I had a chance to visit the headquarters and get a little peak at what’s in store for us at Starboard!  What I love most about Starboard, besides the fact that they make the fastest boards, is the importance they place on being environmentally friendly, and finding ways of including recycled materials in their board developement!” (Lena Erdil)

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Turkish windsurfing pro Lena Erdil vlogs from Thailand