Lena Erdil participated in the Luderitz Speed Challenge for the first time in 2012. The Turkish Slalom racer had great success on her first mission and reached the second fastest female speed on a windsurfer, just beaten by Sarah Davis by 0,09 km/h. Lena managed to sail 45,74 knots on the 500 channel at Luderitz, Namibia on November 17th 2012. Actually Lena is the 46th fastest person on the 500 meters.


Lena Erdil at Luderitz (Pic: Windsurf Australia)

Lena Erdil at Luderitz (Pic: Windsurf Australia)


In 2013 she decided to return to the little town in the Namib desert, drove all the long way up from Cape Town. The mission was to break the record and get the new World Record back to Turkey. But the conditions were not as good as in 2012. Lena manged to have great runs in lighter wind conditions, but did not set a new personal record in 2013.


“In the end we just didn’t get the wind that is needed for a world record and didn’t get to sail as much as we would have liked, but it was still good to be back on the canal and give it my best shot… Hope you like the video! A massive thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me one more time in the ultimate quest for speed !!” (Lena Erdil)


Windsurf Australia produced the following nice clip about the Turkish speed racer Lena Erdil in Luderitz, which includes a lot of fantastic air views and shows inside infos about the canal.




Watch a full speed run of Lena: