Le Defi Wind Superstars was a special edition during the Covid pandemic. The big Defi Wind event had to be cancelled earlier in May 2021 and Philippe Bru, the organizer, decided together with his team to run a smaller event in November 2021, 2- 5. This time 170 competitors, ladies & men – many of them world class windsurfers, champions, racing experienced riders – participated in the the Superstars edition. Blanca Alabau and Antoine Albeau are the winners! Congrats! Antoine again showed despite his age of 49 years that he is still the boss on the racing course, even when it’s about a fin-foil battle. Blanca Alabau showed great skills and won her first big international long distance event.

In total 7 eliminations with course lengths of up to 18 kilometers were held in Gruissan. The wind conditions Wind conditions were very variable, from light winds during the start of the event to super strong Tramontane wind on the last day of the event. The final race for instance saw a big battle in between Pierre Mortefon on the fin against Nicolas Goyard on the foil in 35 knots+. Pierre won the downwind slalom with 3 marks by a few seconds, but it looks like that the foil setup could be the number one choice in the racing discipline in a lot of conditions in the future. Most riders have special sails available and get better and better in stronger wind conditions.

Watch the video below and you will see a lot of foiling action in stronger wind conditions (25 knots+). It’s interesting that a surfing invention changes the racing discipline in windsurfing. Would be interesting to see how the best foil riders would perform against the best fin Slalom riders in hardcore Canary condition.

Results Le Defi Wind Superstars 2021, November 2 – 5:


  1. Blanca Alabau
  2. Helle Oppedal
  3. Cousine Delphin Questel
  4. Marion Mortefon
  5. Sara Wennekes
  6. Justine Lemeteyer
  7. Lena Erdil
  8. Sarah Jackson
  9. Helene Noesmoen
  10. Maelle Guilbaud


  1. Antoine Albeau
  2. Maciek Rutkowski
  3. Enrico Marotti
  4. Matteo Iachino
  5. Thomas Goyard
  6. Bruno Martini
  7. Jordy Vonk
  8. Alexandre Cousin
  9. William Huppert
  10. Mateus Isaac


Le defi Wind Superstars – a Special edition in Gruissan 2021 – Video