Lars Petersen (D-99) sent us following clip, which demonstrates that the Danish longtime pro sailor is still in excellent form. Imagine, Lars is 41 years old and sailed in the top rankings in the PWA freestyle events some years ago. Back in 2004 Lars founded FYM (Free your mind productions), together with the Danish windsurf addicts Adam Thulin and Henrik von Janda-Eble. Several great production got produced, which were instructional DVDs or action movies. It started with “Free your mind” in 2001. In 2004 the “Feed your soul” production, the first real FYM product, came on the market. “Beginner to winner”, “Moments”, “Winner to Wavesailor” were the following products, which came out on the market.

“Christian Gøbel, member of the FYM (Free your mind productions) crew has edited this little short film with me wave sailing in Middles (Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller). We had a few clips from the past year sitting on the hard drives, that we figured we put into action. Not a lot, but a few nice ones, including some 120 fps RED ONE clips that Adam Thulin shot. I was pretty stoked getting some wave 360’s, when we had the RED ONE Cam rolling! 🙂 The rest was shot with Canon A1, 7D and HV30,” (Lars Petersen reports about the clip).

Lars Petersen rides waves in Denmark