Landing Day – A Freestyle Windsurfing Movie

“Landing Day” is a new all action modern day freestyle windsurfing movie featuring Adam Sims, Dudu Levi, Felix Volkhardt and friends. The three friends planned to get to Fuerteventura in July last year. When they heard the PWA Event got cancelled, they did not cancel their flights as well, no, they enjoyed a month on the island with pure freestyle training and fun.

The name of the movie came from a specific day that as windsurfers we all have from time to time. There is this one day that you are landing all your tricks and have so much fun! In our level it feels like having a super power that make you do whatever you want! And we all had sessions like that in this month! Dudu Levi

Filmed around the island of Fuerteventura in the Canaries, this movie contains crazy freestyle combos on idyllic flat waters, big double air moves and some pure down the line bliss. 

Adam, Dudu and Felix not only share their passion for filming but also for filming and they brought their cameras as often as possible to the beach. Then Adam took all of the content from all of the cameras and built this 18 min of pure action.

Adam Sims told us: “For me it was a pleasure to shoot together with Dudu and Felix, they are such good friends, such passionate freestyle windsurfers with so much energy, drive, commitment and motivation, part of a rare breed of professional windsurfers who go above and beyond both on and off the water. Those who collaborate with them are certainly very fortunate. In this case I felt very fortunate as we swapped in and out of sessions vs filming, we had a range of camera gear (the keen eye may notice the odd colour shift between different camera types, it was certainly a camera mash-up) but that’s cool, sometimes it’s about what you see, not how you see… and the action these guys are able to dial in at any given time is unreal. Felix firing on all cylinders on port tack flat water, Dudu surprised me most in the waves, I mean I knew he was good, but what you see in the movie is literally the 1-2 jumping sessions Dudu did and he absolutely unleashed!”


Landing Day – A Freestyle Windsurfing Movie

Produced by AALVAA Media

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