It’s January and it’s summertime in Western Australia. And it’s Lancelin time. Today is the first day of the 29th edition of the Lancelin Ocean Classic, which will sees some pros, fast locals and windsurfing enthusiasts from around the globe. Philip Köster, Björn Dunkerbeck, Steve Allen, Peter Volwater and many more hit Western Australia with $25,000 on the line at Australia’s longest running windsurfing event. Along with the traditional 25km Windsurfing marathon, this year’s event will feature some exhilarating wave competitions again. The best locals and a few top guys, who spend their time during the winter in western Australia, will battle it out for the wave title. 


Marathon 2013

Marathon 2013



History of the event

This world renowned Lancelin Ocean Classic started in 1986 with a few enthusiastic windsurfers and a handful of competitors who recognised that the WA coastline offered some of the most spectacular wind and water conditions anywhere in the world.  They came together for a one-day event, the Ledge Point to Lancelin Ocean Marathon and from these humble beginnings it is now one of the most popular events on the worldwide wind surfing calendar.


Last years marathon winners were Steve Allen and Karin Jaggi and Ben Severne took the wave title. > More here


The aim of the windsurfing regatta is to bring tourists into Lancelin and the surrounding towns as well as catering for the windsurfers that currently frequent Lancelin on a regular basis. The windsurfers come from all parts of Australasia, South East Asia, the Americas and Europe on a regular basis as Lancelin has the reputation of being one of the world’s best windsurfing destinations and is a must visit destination for windsurfers.


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