Australian locals take the podium in the wave sailing competition at the 2011 Lancelin Ocean Classic.

Jaeger Stone rotates through a tweaked pushloop (Pic: John Carter).

Geraldton’s Jaeger Stone made the most of the great conditions, did spectacular jumps and was out-manoeuvring the other 14 elite level sailors. Jaeger is one of the young wild ones only 20 years old. And he participated in the first PWA event back in 2006 at Pozo Izquierdo. Jaeger finished the PWA wave tour in 2007 in 39th, followed by a 34th in 2008 and a 32nd in 2010 with a 25th in Pozo as the only event, he competed in. 2009 he had to make a break because of an ankle injury. Jaeger is a very versatile waverider: he can score high in waveriding and jumping by landing massive tweaked Pushloops, big Backloops and perfect double Forwards. He is definitely one of the most radical and talented young sailors in the waves.

In second place came local Lancelin windsurfer and past winner Luke Walmsley and in third place was Perth’s Ben Severne, who had won the event last year. Jaeger said he didn’t go into the day expecting to win and just had to try his hardest in the heats.

Luke Walmsley on fire with a nice Aerial off the lip (Pic: John Carter).

“It’s always hard when you’re up against all those other talented guys.  It was a bit gusty and everyone was going pretty hard and in the end. I think it was my jumping that gave me the edge. It got a bit light towards the end, but I still managed to get my jumps in which I think won it for me!” Jaeger commented his victory and was happy to be on the podium with his fellow West Aussie sailors.

“I think the Western Australian wave sailors are the best in the country.  It was heaps of fun to be up there with my mates.” Jaeger added.

Dutch windsurfing great Peter Volwater didn’t manage to place and said it was just not his day.   The Lancelin Ocean Classic wraps up today with the high-speed Slalom events.

Ben Severne, last years winner and successful saildesigner, in a backloop rotation (Pic: John Carter).

Results waveriding:

1. Jaeger Stone (KA-120)

2. Luke Walmsley (KA-68)

3. Ben Severne (KA-515)

© 2011, John Carter