The 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic Marathon has been run and won. There were perfect 23 knots for the 25 km downwind race.

1st Peter Volwater
2nd Patrik Diethelm
3rd Steve Allen
4th Dan Engdahl
5th Björn Dunkerbeck



1st Karin Jaggi

Peter Volwater stated on his website following lines on the 6th of January, just one day before the event got started: “I injured myself a couple weeks ago and got back on the water yesterday, it was good to get wet again! This weekend will be the Lancelin Ocean Classic, just packed the car and getting ready to head up. Didn’t bring much gear with me,  but will give it my best shot again.”

Check here the first pictures of the Lancelin Ocean Classic marathon. A more detailed report as well from the wave competition will follow.

Pics: John Carter