Konstantin Smirnov (RUS-1) is a 17 year-old freestyle windsurfer from Moscow in Russia. He is motivated to participate in competitions in the near future and improve his skills. And he has one advantage. He lives in Dahab in Egypt, one of the best freestyle windsurfing spots, where his parents run a windsurfing business.


Watch Konstantin Smirnov in his latest video windsurfing on the Red Sea

Konstantin Smirnov's windsurfing action in Egypt 2015.

Konstantin Smirnov's windsurfing action in Egypt 2015.

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filmed by Maria Trofimova and Boris Koldeev and edited by Konstantin Smirnov


Interview with Russian freestyle windsurfer Konstantin Smirnov


Continentseven: Where are you from and where do you live?
Konstantin Smirnov: I am from Russia, Moscow. In 2004 my parents had business problems and they decided to take a rest. One of their friends told them about Dahab (Egypt) and we settled there. We now live in Dahab for already more than 10 years. My parents helped organizing a new scuba center and the first Russian windsurf center (5 Kvadratov). 


Continentseven: Do you go to school?
Konstantin Smirnov: Yes, I’m in grade 10 in Russian embassy school in Cairo. But mostly I’m doing homeschooling, and having exams twice a year. It’s really hard to combine windsurfing and school at the same time, but I would like to get a good education.  


Continentseven: How did you come into windsurfing?
Konstantin Smirnov: First we came to Dahab and I saw a few windsurfers far in the sea and I loved the freedom of that sport. I don’t really remember exactly when I started, maybe about the age of 7 (and I didn’t know how to swim). Dahab is a perfect spot for beginners and professional riders. My parents and their friends taught me all the basics and I landed my first Air Jibe when I was 10 years-old, during the Young Gun Camp in Prasonisi. I choose freestyle because it was something new, unusual and cool looking style of windsurfing.


Continentseven: Where do you windsurf? 
Konstantin Smirnov: Dahab for most time of the year, sometimes I travel to other places for competitions, but for last 2 years I could not go due to the crisis in Russia, but I hope that it will stabilize and I’ll find sponsors to go to some of the upcoming events.


Continentseven: What are your ambitions in windsurfing?
Konstantin Smirnov: I’m looking forward to compete against adults in the near future in EFPT and PWA tours. However, it depends on sponsors. In our time it’s really hard to find support. All trips and the equipment are very expensive. Maybe one day I’ll be helping other riders, just to save the balance, you know.